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The Mount Baker Deluxe Emergency Backpack

The Mount Baker Deluxe Emergency Backpack
    Code: SK-3000K
    Price: $82.95
    Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None
    This comprehensive PreparePack emergency kit provides the key items you need for 1-4 people after a disaster, all in a grab-and-go backpack. Perfect for your home or car.

    Contents Include:

    1 Backpack
    12 Water Purification Tablets
    1 Radio/Siren/Flashlight w/NOAA Band
    1 Box Waterproof Matches
    1 MultiTool
    1 Whistle with Lanyard
    1 10 Quart Folding Water Bottle with Drinking Spout
    1 56 Piece First Aid Kit
    1 Pair Leather Palm Gloves
    1 Tissue Pack
    1 Maxi Pad
    3 Biowaste Bags


    (these items increase respectively with per person upgrade)

    1 2400 Calorie Food Bar
    1 Solar Blanket
    9 4.227 Ounce Water Packs
    1 N95 Niosh Respirator/Dust Mask
    1 Poncho
    1 Handwarmer Pair
    3 Moist Towelettes
    1 12 Hour Light Stick

    How many people:
    Two (+$10.50)
    Three (+$21.00)
    Four (+$31.50)
      Dynamo Radio Upgrade ($25.00)