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Grab and Glow Perpetual Tube Light


Grab and Glow Perpetual Tube Light


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    We now have available an amazing light source that never needs batteries, recharges with any light source (will glow for days at a time), is almost indestructible, will even work under water. In addition it is not affected by temperature. All day light will charge the substance fully in 15 minutes, even the halogen lights from a vehicle. The light source can last as much as five days before it needs recharging. Great emergency item for your home, work, automobile, or outdoor adventures. Perfect for anyone that needs a safe, practical light source for a variety of applications. They provide light for a wide variety of applications, from reading and moving about when power outages occur to visual identification when help is needed (e.g., a highway safety flare).

    These high quality units have numerous advantages:

  • Completely nonflammable, and may be used in areas that contain combustible mixtures of gases or liquids, where ordinary sources of light (including flashlights) might pose an explosion or fire hazard.

  • Waterproof and may be used in the rain as well as underwater.

  • Provide a 360 light source instead of a beam.

  • Proudly Made in the USA.

  • They are lightweight and include a hook on the end so you can hang them.

    NOTE: This product will NOT replace your flashlights, lanterns, or headlamps. It provides a low level night illumination in an enclosed environment. They are not bright enough to read a book by but they will provide you with enough light to perform basic tasks: navigate around your bedroom, tent, or camper. Attach our Grab and Glow Perpetual Tube Light to items you need to find in the dark: keys, flashlights, bug out bags, emergency kits, etc.

    Need them brighter? You can "Super Charge" to make them brighter. Use a high intensity flashlight (>60 lumens, if available) to charge it. Five seconds of your flashlight will charge our it to glow REALLY bright for over 5 minutes. That's five minutes you're NOT using your flashlight. Think of how much longer your batteries are going to last. During those 5 minutes you can read directions, find something in your backpack, use the restroom and you're not wasting your flashlight batteries. You should see how bright they get with a 200 lumen flashlight!!

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