Nothing in your Basket.


Q. Why do I need a preparedness kit?
A. In the event of any disaster there will be a period of time where you may be stranded. If you are in your car and cannot go anywhere, its a good idea to have food and water available. If you are at home, you may be able to use items in your pantry. However, if the water is not safe to drink you will have the comfort of knowing that you are prepared. If in the worst case scenario your home has been damaged and you cannot stay there it is a good idea to have a mobile kit to take with you.

Q. What do I need for my kit?
A. The priority is food and water. Next you should have some basic first aid items. Also, sanitation and extra clothing are a good idea. Be sure to keep a few days of medicines available as well.

Q. How much food and water do I need?
A. The US Coast Guard recommends 1 2500 calorie food bar and 9 pouches of water (4.27 ounces each) for three days as the minimum.

...more questions and answers to come.