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The PreparePack Survivor Duffle Bag Kit


The PreparePack Survivor Duffle Bag Kit


    Code: SK-3200K
    Price: $267.50
    Shipping Weight: 18.00 pounds
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    The PreparePack Survivor Duffle Bag Kit builds on the legacy of the Red-E Survivor Kit. 

    This comprehensive kit provides the key items you need for 1-2 people after a disaster, all in a grab-and-go Duffle Bag (which is currently provided blank). Perfect for your home or car.

    Contents Include:

      Survival and Comfort
    • Water Purification Tablets
    • 12 Servings (2 Per Day) Emergency Survival Food
    • 18 4.2 ounce Emergency Water Pouches
    • 2 Emergency Survival Blankets
    • 2 Rain Ponchos
    • 1-pkg Waterproof Matches
    • Knife with Sheath
    • Multi-tool
    • Duct Tape
    • Plastic Sheeting
    • Plastic Utility Bags
    • 50-ft. Nylon Cord
    • 2 Hand Warmer Pairs
    • Playing Cards
    • 2.5 Gallon Water Storage Bag with Drinking Spout
    • Hygiene Supplies
      • Compressed Wash Cloths (Pack of 12)
      • Liquid Hand Soap
      • 2 Tooth Brushes
      • Tooth Paste
      • 4 Maxi-Pads
      • 2 TP Rolls

      Safety Gear
    • 200-pc. First Aid Kit
    • LED Flashlight with 3 AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Signal Mirror
    • 5-in-1 Whistle/Survival Tool
    • 4 12 Hour Green Light Sticks
    • 2 Reflective Safety Vests
    • AM/FM Pocket Size Radio with 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries
    • 2 N95 Respirator/Masks

    Customize it for YOUR Family!
    Like all of our kits this model can be made to order.

    Call us at 425-881-5354 or email us at

    See below for Radio Options.
    Radio Options:
    AM/FM Included
    CE-4225B - Dynamo Radio Flashlight AM/FM/NOAA with USB Charging ($22.50)
    CE-4250 - Dynamo/Solar Radio AM/FM/NOAA with USB ($39.95)