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Grab and Glow Perpetual Light Stick


Grab and Glow Perpetual Light Stick


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    PLEASE NOTE: We are out of stock of our standard version and are providing a CERT labeled version (LH-2055-CERT) instead. The functionality is the same. You can see the CERT version HERE.

    What is our Perpetual Light Stick (aka UVGloStik)? It is a reusable light stick made from enhanced glow-in-the-dark crystals. The stick recharges in just minutes when exposed to any light source. It will glow all night long and can be recharged over-and-over again forever.

    What is it made of? It is a solid 3.75" x .5" stick of hardened epoxy. The non-toxic & environmentally friendly glow-in-the-dark crystals are suspended inside the stick to make this light stick rugged.

    What makes the Perpetual Light Stick different from the Perpetual Tube Light? This unit is a more rugged version of the Grab and Glow Perpetual Tube Light. The tube, plastic cap, and key chain ring were eliminated to create the stick. Then a secure lanyard attachment was added. The glow-in-the-dark crystals are cast into a stick that can be cut or drilled. It can also be taken to ANY depth.

    These high quality units have numerous advantages:

  • Completely nonflammable, and may be used in areas that contain combustible mixtures of gases or liquids, where ordinary sources of light (including flashlights) might pose an explosion or fire hazard.

  • Waterproof and may be used in the rain as well as underwater.

  • Provide a 360 light source instead of a beam.

  • Proudly Made in the USA.

  • They are lightweight and include a cord on the end s you can hang them.

    NOTE: This product will NOT replace your flashlights, lanterns, or headlamps. It provides a low level night illumination in an enclosed environment. They are not bright enough to read a book by but they will provide you with enough light to perform basic tasks: navigate around your bedroom, tent, or camper. Attach our Grab and Glow Perpetual Tube Light to items you need to find in the dark: keys, flashlights, bug out bags, emergency kits, etc.

    Need them brighter? You can "Super Charge" to make them brighter. Use a high intensity flashlight (>60 lumens, if available) to charge it. Five seconds of your flashlight will charge our it to glow REALLY bright for over 5 minutes. That's five minutes you're NOT using your flashlight. Think of how much longer your batteries are going to last. During those 5 minutes you can read directions, find something in your backpack, use the restroom and you're not wasting your flashlight batteries. You should see how bright they get with a 200 lumen flashlight!!!

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